BABYMETAL Live Photos 2017

Photos: 2017.01.29 - BABYMETAL at Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan

BABYMETAL returns after two years to Saitama Super Arena for the last show of the Guns N' Roses Japan Tour 2017. Their last performance in this tour featured "BABYMETAL Death" 100th live appearance and a bunch of photos of BABYMETAL with Guns N' Roses (Show report)! Photos below by BABYMETAL, Guns N' Roses, Official Photos by Tsukasa Miyoshi, and fan photos by Mitabind, PPP Hey YouSukesan and Yadei


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Photos: 2017.01.25 - BABYMETAL at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan

BABYMETAL played their third show supporting Guns N' Roses, they returned to Yokohama Arena after their World Tour 2015 closing shows in December 2015! (Show report). Photos below courtesy of BABYMETAL, Guns N' Roses, Dinasour Jr., Kira, Muto, Nyokiyama and PPP Hey You.


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Photos: 2017.01.22 - BABYMETAL at Kobe World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan

BABYMETAL played its second show supporting Guns N' Roses in Kobe at the Kobe world Memorial Hall. BABYMETAL made slight changes in their setlist compared with the first show (Show report). Photos below courtesy of BABYMETAL, Keisan, Ko-Metal, Koumodesu, Shingo-Metal


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Photos: 2017.01.21 - BABYMETAL at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Osaka, Japan

BABYMETAL played their first show supporting Guns N' Roses Japan Tour 2017, the show took place at Kyocera Dome Osaka, was their first show at this venue (Show report). Photos below by BABYMETAL, and fans. 


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Photos: 2017.01.11 - BABYMETAL at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, South Korea

BABYMETAL played for very first time in Seoul, South Korea, but their first visit to the country featured something even more important, their first time supporting the "Metal Master" Metallica! In addition, God Of Bass BOH stayed in Japan was replaced for very first time since he joined the band (Show report here). Photos below by BABYMETAL, Kami Band, Hasweo, KandK, Keisan, Senchi Metaru, Tatako Metal and professional photos by Tsukasa Miyoshi


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