BABYMETAL to pre-release "Live At Tokyo Dome - THE ONE Limited Edition"

BABYMETAL has decided to pre-release "Live At Tokyo Dome - THE ONE Limited" edition for THE ONE Members only! Pre-sales start the same day that THE ONE 2017 starts, on January 23. Read more details below. 


BABYMETAL "Live At Tokyo Dome - THE ONE Limited Edition" pre-release on January 23

A special package for "Live At Tokyo Dome - THE ONE Limited Edition" which shows the complete recording of BABYMETAL performances at Tokyo Dome shows which mobilized 110.00 people in 2 Days in September 2016 will be pre-released in advance for THE ONE Members


As was scheduled on January 23, 2017 (Monday) starts THE ONE 2017 for those who purchased THE ONE "The Big Tee". "Live At Tokyo Dome - THE ONE Limited Edition" will be available for those hwo completed the registration in time. 



*Details of the product will be announced in later days on THE ONE. 

*The item can be purchased only for registered members only. 

*Purchase of THE ONE "The Big Tee" and Metal Registration name is required beforehand. 

*The product reservations will start at noon on January 23, 2017 (Monday). 



UPDATE, JANUARY 13, 2017 - 

According to HMV News "Live At Tokyo dome - THE ONE Limited Edition" special package will be delivered on FOX DAY, April 1, 2017 (Saturday). More information about the package, content and artwork will be announced in later days. 


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  • #1

    Amadore (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 23:08)

    Why is nobody mentioning that The One shirt will not ship until January 23, so that makes getting this (when pre-order is Jan 23) impossible for people until they get The One shirt in the mail to enter their code, in order to to be a The One member, for 2017 to even be ABLE to pre-order this? It says "will be available for those who completed the registration in time". Well, guess what? People outside of Japan wont be able to because we have to wait days (if not more) for it to arrive in the mail! By then it will probably be sold out!. What the heck is going on with their business model? This is utter nonsense. Just send people a code in the email when they ship it so we can get our The One membership then and not be slapped in the face like this feels.

  • #2

    Sariel (Thursday, 12 January 2017 22:53)

    Does anybody know if they will be releasing an album for the Tokyo Dome shows as well, or just a DVD?

  • #3

    Suhdood69 (Monday, 16 January 2017 01:49)

    I'd imagine they would release an album version and a localised version for other countries considering the significance of the show