BABYMETAL impressions about "KARATE" on SMACK Guide

BABYMETAL was interviewed in New York City by SMACK Guide to share their impressions about their new music video "KARATE" released a few weeks ago. Watch the interview with English Subtitles below. 


BABYMETAL interviewed on SMACK Guide in New York

BABYMETAL interviewed on April 4 in New York City by SMACK Guide to talk about their new Music Video for "KARATE" to promote the new album "Metal Resistance". A brief interview the girls show their charms talking about the video and sharing their impressions about the Making Of KARATE. 


The girls talk about the concept of "KARATE", some of the dance moves and what are their favorite parts of the Music Video. 

Watch the full interview below with English Subtitles!



Interview made by: SMACK Guide.

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