Herman Li on BABYMETAL: "We need more people like that who are able to do something different"

Guitarist and leader of DragonForce, Herman Li stopped to talk with Loudwire about 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise, the logevity of the band and his collaboration with BABYMETAL on Road Of Resistance. Below a summary of the interview featuring his impression about BABYMETAL and his thoughts about the collaboration. Read below. 


Herman Li from DrangForce interviewed on Loudwire about BABYMETAL

Excerpt of Loudwire's interview with DraongForce guitarist Herman Li


You and Sam collaborated with Babymetal, what are your thoughts on the band as a whole?

"They have a really original mix they do, a mix of different styles of metal together with the whole J-Pop vibe. I know the guys that work on the Babymetal on the songs and stuff, and they are really big metal fans, they’re really good guys and really love the music. Obviously the girls are young and they just got into that but they were really great performers. They’ve been doing it for a long time, I feel like they haven’t had the same childhood as a lot of people doing that kind of performing but they are really professional.


When I was their age, there’s no way I could have done that stuff. They’re able, I think, to cross over and to bring people that never listened to metal into this genre to discover. So they’re really an important band right now. For example, we got a lot of fans into metal because of ‘Guitar Hero.’ I think they are a really important band to do this, we need more people like that who are able to do something different and they’re cool girls. I liked working with them."



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