Kami Band Hideki Aoyama recorded drums for Momoiro Clover Z's "We Are Born"

A few days ago was announced the trailer of a the Momoiro Clover Z's new Album featuring of their new songs called "We Are Born" feautring BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Drums Hideki Aoyama! Hideki was part of the recording process. Check more details below.


Hideki Aoyama playing drums for Momoiro Clover Z's "We Are Born" 

Momoiro Clover Z released a teaser of their new album "Amaranthus" featuring one of their new songs, the Track 2 of the Album featuring Hideki Aoyama playing drums. BABYMETAL Kami Band Hideki Aoyama joined a group of musicians lead by Tatsuo (who also compose songs for BABYMETAL) along with Satoshi Mishiba and Takeshi Watanabe to record Momoiro Clover Z's song called "We Are Born". 


Momoiro Clover Z new album "Amaranthus" will be released on February 17, 2016. 

You can find more details about their 3rd Studio Album on: momoclo.net


Amaranthus Track 2 "We Are Born" was recorded by: 

Music, Guitars, Arragenments & Programing- Tatsuo

Piano - Satoshi Mishiba

Drums - Hideki Aoyama

Key - Takeshi Watanabe 



Watch the Official trailer of the song below,


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