2014.06.10 - Moa's diary about rainy season and her umbrella

Moa Kikuchi new diary, this time Moa stops to talk about her activities to talk about the rainy season in Japan, her depression during rainy days and the correct use of your umbrella! Pay attention to Moa-chan advices! Diary translated below. 


Moa Kikuchi diary about rainy season and how to use an umbrella

"Shitoshito ame furi yuutsu na asa" (It's raining quietly on this gloomy morning)

It's really gloomy every day. Yes, now is the rainy season.

As I once wrote in this diary (Read here), Moa loves to stomp on a puddle wearing a pair of rubber boots. Still, I feel depressed when it's been raining for days.


Speaking of the rainy season, we can't do without umbrellas!!

Today, I want to write on something about umbrella which is bothering me. It's not only a random thought, rather, a favor I'd like to ask of you. When you carry an umbrella, do you hold it straight like this? (See drawing,).


If you hold it right in front of yourself, or hook it on your forearm...you should be praised. The way you're holding the umbrella is very right. But, I can see people who get a firm grip on his umbrella, waving his arms together with it.

Whenever I see such people, I think 'Oh no, it just doesn't make sense'.


Since when Moa was a kid, my mom told me not to swing the umbrella, to hold it straight right in front of me.


The reason is...

Of course you've already know the reason!!

If you swing the umbrella, it might hit someone in front of you, or just behind you. Oh no If there happend to be a small kid behind you, it's seriously dangerous. Your umbrella could hit his/her eyes!


I do know how they feel. Maybe it's easier to walk with your umbrella swinging. But, please stop it now. Please stop caring only about yourself!!!

Please give love and care to even your strangers.

If you are one of Fukei-sans of Sakura Gakuin, "Stop swinging your umbrella!!!!"

Got it? I just beg your kindness.

I believe in you.




Translation by: Onji Kobe. 

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