2010.06.08 - Suzuka's diary about low marks in English class!

Suzuka Nakamoto new diary on Sakura Gakuin after her rehearsal with "Boukensha Tachi" (Adventurers). She talks about how bad she is at English and her low marks! Read her diary translated below. 


Suzuka diary on Sakura Gakuin: "Rehearsal" on Bokukensha Tachi

Today again, I have a rehearsal for the play 'Boukensha tachi' (Adventurers).

Just before the rehearsal, now I'm doing my homework.

It's tough to do a homework while taking lessons, but the rehearsal itself is really fun!


I'm good at social studies, and bad at English.

In English class, it's especially hard to remember words. I so often get low marks in vocabulary tests.

Please tell me a good way to remember English words.


Well, I'm off to the rehearsal!!!




Translation by: Onji Kobe.

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Fixed picture from her diary
Fixed picture from her diary

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