Sakura Gakuin News Archive 2011

2011.11.28 - Sakura Gakuin on CIAO Magazine February 2012

Sakura Gakuin featured on CIAO Magazine Feburary 2012 released on November 28 of 2011. The magazine features a full group photo including Suzuka Nakamoto, Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno. Also feautures Nene Sugisaki, Marina Horiuchi, Ayami Muto, Iida Raura, Hana Taguchi


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Twinklestars about new Single "Please, Please, Please", dance choreography parts!

Sakura Gakuin sub-unit Twinklestars introduce their Single "Please, Please, Please" on Kawaii Girl Japan showing their dancing skills with the baton! Don't miss also the end of the interview with a few bloopers from Yui! 


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2011.04.01 - Suzuka's diary about the earthquake in Japan on March 11 of 2011

Archive diary by Suzuka Nakamoto on Abril 1 of 2011, a few days after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. An increible diary by Suzuka about her story during the earthquake, after the earthquake and her immense heart really open to help the Japanese community not only singing with Sakura Gakuin. One of the best diarys to date, worth reading and worth sharing. Diary translated by our collaborator Hitoshi Sugioka


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2011.03.06 - Sakura Gakuin about their uniforms and new album "Message"

Sakura Gakuin was interviewed by Kawaii Girl Japan to talk about their new Album "Message", the concept of their uniform and the Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo Departure. More details below. 

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2011.01.18 - Suzuka's diary: "My Reflections on “M5”: the New Song Recorded in December" 

Suzuka Nakamoto diary on Sakura Gakuin wrote on January 18 of 2011 about "M5" the new Sakura Gakuin song for the new album to be released in March (the album was finally released in April because of the Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11).  She talks about the new song and the making process. Read the diary translated below. 


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