Diary of Moa Kikuchi

2015.04.05 - Moa Kikuchi last diary on Sakura Gakuin 

Moa Kikuchi wrote her last Sakura Gakuin diary as member, as Student Council President. She was about the Graduation Ceremony held on March 29, made mention to Sakura Gakuin Senpais and also asked Fukei-Sans support for the next 2015 Nendo. But also as the "Angel Of Love" she spread lot of love during her last diary. Please read the english translation below thanks to our translator Onji Kobe

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2015.03.31 - Sakura Gakuin students diary "The Graduation Ceremony" 

Sakura Gakuin diary post, this time with all the current and graduated members from Nendo 2014. Messages from the girls about The Graduation Ceremony 2014 including the messages of the third graders Moa Kikuchi as Student Council President, Yui Mizuno, Hana Taguchi and Yunano Notsu. Diary translated by Thomas Malone. 

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2015.03.26 - Moa's diary: "RTG 2014 'Be ambitious, Memorial Summit'"

One of the lasts Moa's diaries as Sakura Gakuin member about the "Road To Graduation 2014 'Be ambitious, Memorial Summit'" held at Tsutaya O-East on March 26. She talks about the event and shares a huge Moa Photo Gallery with great photos to remember her stay on Sakura Gakuin. Diary Translated by Onji Kobe. 

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2015.03.20 - New diary by Moa Kikuchi: "Senpai"

Moa Kikuchi wrote a new diary to talk about her feelings during and after the latest Sakura Gakuin Open Classes "Archaeology Of The Song" where the students submitted a song as part of the class with an a capella performance. Also, Moa talks about her three Senpais on Sakura Gakuin, Ayami Muto, Suzuka Nakamoto and Marina Horiuchi. Very emotional diary this time by Moa. Read the full diary translated courtesy of our collaborator Onji Kobe. 

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2015.03.16 - New diary by Moa: "Hoodie" 

Moa Kikuchi wrote a new diary, seems like she forgot one more thing about her last diary about Hobbies (read it here). 

This new diary is about her hoodies, and the huge collection she has. 

Diary translation courtesy of our collaborator Onji Kobe. 


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2015.03.11 - Moa's new diary: "Flower Girl MoaMoa"

New diary by Moa, another "Flower Girl MoaMoa" report, this time about Hibiscus because of her travel to Okinawa with Hana, Yui and Yunano for the photo shooting for their Graduation Photobook to be released in April. Read her new diary translated by Onji Kobe

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2015.03.01 - New diary by Moa Kikuchi: "My Hobby"

Moa Kikuchi wrote a new diary post. This time Moa talks about her hobbies, but first she tries to explain the concept of the word and find her hobbies comparing the things she has to do every day with the things she likes to do very often. 

Read her new diary post translated by Onji Kobe

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2015.02.17 - Moa's Diary: "It's not Mori-sensei, but Moa-sensei!"

Moa Kikuchi wrote a new diary about the Sakura Gakuin performance at Liquidroom for "The Road To Graduation 2014 'Happy Valentine'" and also about the Nendo Narikiri Activity (cosplay, photos here)when she played Mori-Sensei role.

Read the whote diary translated by Onji Kobe

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2015.02.13 - Moa's diary: "Drive yourself forward without fear"

Moa wrote a new diary about her hair style, as you will see below she changed her hair style lately and wanted to share with Fukei-Sans her thoughts about it because they are already rehearsing for the last shows before the Sakura Gakuin graduation. Read her diary translated courtesy of Onji Kobe

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2015.02.03 - Moa Kikuchi new diary: "Rinon" 

Moa wrote a new diary to talk about Rinon Isono. Moa shares her thoughts about the drastic changes Rinon has taken in the last year, the time they spend together, her talks about problems inside Sakura Gakuin and much more. A gread new diary which makes us feel that Moa is introducing the new Sakura Gakuin President, Rinon Isono. 

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2015.01.19 - Diary by Moa about Flu and #LoGiRL 

Moa shared a new diary before the Sakura Gakuin appearence on #LoGiRL. Moa talked about the flu hitting Japan lately because of the low temperature, she mentioned that her father is sick with flu too. Also Kikuchi talks about the first participation of Sakura Gakuin on #LoGiRL. Read the whole diary courtesy of Onji Kobe


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2015.01.15 - Moa Kikuchi Diary: "I will cherish the remaining days"

New diary post by Moa Kikuchi. Moa once again writes her thoughts about the Sakura Gakuin Graduation Event to be held next March and the new Single to be released on March 4. Also she wrote about BABYMETAL at Saitama Super Arena, Suzuka Nakamoto and the next BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 after her graduation from Sakura Gakuin along with Yui Mizuno. Translated diary by Onji Kobe

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2015.01.08 - New Diary by Moa Kikuchi: "The Sheep"

Moa Kikuchi wrote her first diary of the year. Dressed like a sheep shared her firsts thoughts about the Year of The Sheep. 

Read her diary translated by Onji Kobe

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2014.12.31 - New Diary by Moa: "Thank you for your support in 2014"

Moa Kikuchi wrote her last diary of 2014. She wrote a deep message about the past of Sakura Gakuin, the present and the future of all of them as group. Moa talks about the moments when she and Yui were away of the Sakura Gakuin because of their activities with BABYMETAL, the record label problems when Sakura Gakuin started and a love message to all the Fukei-Sans. Read the translation below courtesy of Onji Kobe. 

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2014.12.25 - Moa Kikuchi new Diary "My Mom"

Moa uploaded a new diary post, a very interesting post where she shares a great story about her mom which actually it's very related with the present she is living now. Read the diary post translated below by Onji Kobe


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2014.11.28 - "It was so fun!" Moa New Diary Post

Moa wrote another diary post for Sakura Gakuin. This time she is sharing her feelings and thoughts about the Tower Records 35th Anniversary Pop'n Idol 03 (more info here). She talks about the Sakura Gakuin debate about if they whether participate or not on the event, her feelings about watching the Ayami Muto performance and meeting C-ute member Airi Suzuki. Post translated by Onji Kobe

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2014.11.25 - "Aiko & Megu", Moa New Diary Post

New diary post by Moa, this time about the lovely members of Sakura Gakuin, Aiko Yamaide and Megumi Okada. Moa first talk about a little bit of their concerts in New York and London with BABYMETAL and then start about Aiko and Megumi. Translation courtesy of Onji Kobe. 

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2014.10.11 - Moa's diary: "Do you mind if I brag a bit!?"

New diary entry by Moa Kikuchi on Sakura Gakuin. Moa talks about her good results at some tests in the past. Aside she is not having a good time in her latests test she wantes to brag a bit about her good marks. Full diary translated below. 


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2014.08.23 - Moa's diary titled: "That's impossible!!"

Moa Kikuchi's new diary on Sakura Gakuin after the second part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 and their experience in USA and Canada. She speaks about a new Sakura Gakuin song, and her problems with height! Diary translated below. 


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2014.07.24 - Moa's diary: Her accidents and BABYMETAL in Europe 

Moa Kikuchi diary after the BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 in Europe, she talks about each date of the European Leg and her problems with the ear monitor at Sonisphere Festival. Also she talks about the past accidents since she was a little child. Read this very interesting diary translated below. 

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2014.06.10 - Moa's diary about rainy season and her umbrella

Moa Kikuchi new diary, this time Moa stops to talk about her activities to talk about the rainy season in Japan, her depression during rainy days and the correct use of your umbrella! Pay attention to Moa-chan advices! Diary translated below. 


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2014.05.30 - Moa's diary: "So many love in Sakura Gakuin"

Moa wrote a very lovely diary about the Love inside Sakura Gakuin and the love in the names of the Sakura Gakuin girls. She first explains the kaji-character for love and then the Sakura Gakuin regulations. Very interesting read below. Translation courtesy of the official Sakura Gakuin diaries translator, Onji Kobe

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2014.02.15 - Moa's Diary: "The 100 facts about Moa Kikuchi"

Moa wrote her diary number 100 and shared her 100 facts about herself. Going from her name, to Anime, music, and Sakura Gakuin. A great post about Moa Kikuchi wrote by Moa Kikuchi with 100 facts about herself. Great post to learn more about Moa.

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2013.02.04 - BABYMETAL diary: Impressions after "Legend Z"

Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal diary on Sakura Gakuin after their solo performance at Zepp Tokyo "Legend Z" with the debut if the Kami Band. The girls shared their impressions about the performance, the first experience with a live band and the future of the group! Diary translated below. 


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2012.07.10 - BABYMETAL diary about "Hedobangya Journey" shows

BABYMETAL diary on Sakura Gakuin about their performances with the group in Nagoya and Osaka for "Hedobangya Journey". Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal share their impressions after the performances. Diary translated below. 


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2012.06.13 - Moa's diary: Flower Girl MoaMoa about Hydrangea

Moa Kikuchi new diary on Sakura Gakuin about flowers, her role "Flower Girl MoaMoa" talks about Hydrangea a flower which begins to bloom in June. Read her beautiful and also ver interesting diary translated including a new photo of Moa below. 


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2012.06.04 - Moametal diary: "Coming Soon!" 

Short but very sweet diary wrote by Moa Kikuchi as Moametal to promote at that moment the BABYMETAL's new release "Headbangeeeeer!!" Single released on June 6 of 2012. Diary translated by our translator Thomas Malone


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2010.08.09 - Suzuka, Yui & Moa diary about Tokyo Idol Festival 2010

Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi wrote their impressions about their first performance at Tokyo Idol Festival 2010 with Sakura Gakuin, the group's debut was successful and featured 4 performances of 10 minutes each. Read what Su, Yui and Moa have to say about their debut! 


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