Slash would like to collaborate with BABYMETAL 

The ex Guns N' Roses guitar player Slash was interviewed in Dave Fromm Radio Show. In a specific moment of the interview they talk about Japanese rock bands and BABYMETAL was mentioned. Listen below what Slash said about BABYMETAL. Audio courtesy of our collaborator Missing Reel.  

Ex Guns N' Roses "Slash" talks about BABYMETAL on Dave Fromm Show

Seems like the original and hybrid BABYMETAL sound caught the attention of the ex Guns N' Roses "Slash". Interviewed on Dave Fromm's Show, when they talked about japanese rock music, BABYMETAL was part of the topic and Gimme Chocolate was played. Slash said that he heard BABYMETAL before "Oh i heard this guys!" and said that he thinks BABYMETAL is one of the most exciting things he heard in recent times. 

In addition to the question about a collaboraration he said that he liked the idea.