2010.11.26 - Suzuka Nakamoto Diary about BABYMETAL first live

On November 28 of 2010 BABYMETAL played their first live ever, for the Sakura Gakuin Festival 2010 at the Yokohama Red Brick. Two days before, Suzuka Nakamoto aka Su-Metal wrote a Diary Post about their first performance. We translated to you her diary post on November 26 of 2010 courtesy of our member Thomas Malone. Enjoy. 

The Sakura Gakuin Festival is coming up soon

"At this festival we will be performing a new unit (Club unit?). This is a totally new world  of music, one that I have never performed before. When I first heard that “I would like you to perform this kind of music”, I was honestly like, “Eh!?”

However, now I am really enjoying it. I wonder what everyone will think of it. 

The members are Moa and surprised cute Yui." [This rather hard to translate at is comes across as a sort of play on words that only works in Japanese-It is fabulously clever though.]

"When I first heard the temporary song I thought, “Wow, this is really cute” and it has now I feel changed into a different type of song following the changes made to it. 

With the inclusion of a dance the atmosphere of the song has changed once again. 

Since this single song has changed so much with the arrangements and the inclusion of dance I wonder how it will come out once it is performed at a live show. I am really looking forward to how things will develop."